Hulk Hogan Returning to WWE as Black Lives Matter Advocate

Hulk Hogan Black Lives Matter

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WWE  had a hard time figuring out how they were going to erase the company’s biggest legend from their history back when racial comments made by Hulk Hogan went public a few years ago, and now it seems they’ve finally figured out a way to go about his return.  What’s the best way for the public to know Hogan isn’t racist? By becoming the most visible Black Lives Matter advocate of course!

Early reports indicate that Hulk Hogan will be back on WWE TV, not in his traditional red and yellow, but in all black – in protest of all his African American friends not getting the big opportunities in WWE.  Hogan will push for hall of famer Teddy Long to return as general manager to either RAW or Smackdown, for 20 more Women’s Title shots for Sasha Banks, for a talk show hosted by Ron Simmons entitled “The DAMN Show,” and for Apollo Crews to get noticed, by anyone, at all.

The plan as of now will be for Hogan to immediately return to the red and yellow and back to business as usual once WWE is accused by the media of the Black Lives Matter angle being in poor taste; the company in turn will then in turn blame the media for being racist – heat on The Hulkster – GONE.

Hulk Hogan Returns

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