Jinder Mahal Gets Main Event Push Because Vince McMahon Likes His Veins

Jinder Mahal Vince McMahon

If you are one of the many wrestling fans that were left wondering how Jinder Mahal (a guy that has bounced around WWE doing a whole lot of nothing for years) is suddenly the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, we’ve got the scoop.

Word circulating around our non-existent backstage sources tell us that Jinder Mahal’s newly shredded body – complete with veins coming from…everywhere, is the reason for his sudden push.  It seems Vince McMahon himself took note of Jinder’s self-proclaimed 100% natural physique in recent weeks and McMahon’s initial excitement had the WWE owner actually devising a plan to re-launch his failed “World Bodybuilding Federation.”

Our sources indicate that Triple H and others had to talk McMahon out of a WBF resurrection that would see Mahal as the top heel bodybuilder, challenging 25+ year WBF Champion Gary Strydom.  McMahon was overheard stating “God damn pal, can you imagine Mahal beating Strydom for the title?! It could be as big as The Undertaker’s streak ending!”

Gary Strydom WBF Champion

Luckily, the WWE creative team instead settled on Jinder becoming a star on Smackdown Live, hence his sudden rise to number 1 contender.  As for the WWE Championship, it is believed McMahon will start using physique as a deciding factor on who should win matches – “God damn pal, you can’t beat a guy with veins coming out of his thighs now can you?!”

As for the WBF, it will remain in the vault of Vince McMahon’s failed ideas along with the XFL.  Vince will continue to long for the day that all WWE Superstars can have veins like Jinder Mahal, and not just the part timers that are excluded from having to abide by the WWE Wellness Policy.

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