John Cena and Nikki Bella Get Naked on YouTube, Then He Rips One On Her – We’re Not Kfabn

Cena Nikki Naked

Sometimes things happen that we don’t need to make up even if they sound made up; today we’re featuring a recent video from The Bella Twins YouTube channel that describes that situation perfectly.

It seems that in an effort to get 500,000 subscribers to the channel, Nikki Bella and John Cena promised to get “naked” to celebrate.  Now we all knew the naked part wasn’t going to happen, but when stuck in a situation with a bunch of unhappy people, you resort to the classic Cena secret weapon – fart jokes.

So the Bellas got their 500k and it was time to deliver – now if we had to see Cena’s ass just to see any part of Nikki naked we would almost consider it worth it, but of course they blur out the supposed “nudity,” and the whole thing is “ruined” by Cena ripping ass and naked Nikki walking out. I’m sure there was a huge portion of the audience that felt this went right along with something you would see on Total Divas and laughed right along, but fake nudity is no joke.

The video below speaks for itself – you get your hopes up to see Nikki Bella nude then it doesn’t happen so Cena thinks his fart jokes make everything OK; it’s almost as bad as trying to sit through a Cena promo from a few years ago when his fart jokes got booed out of the building.  Of course Nikki does seem to enjoy getting naked, so we want to know what happens when the Bella YouTube channel reaches 1 million subscribers?!

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