Mickie James to Reprise Lesbian Character with Nia Jax

Mickie James Lesbian

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Another big storyline leak from Kfabn sources have revealed that after recently being drafted to RAW, Mickie James will reprise her famous role as an obsessed lesbian.  You may remember James debuted in 2004 as an over the top fan of Trish Stratus who eventually revealed that she wanted to get it on with her; before long, Mickie was peeking in Trish’s shower and even delivering an infamous crotch grab at WrestleMania 22.


This time around, Mickie’s lesbionic fire is set to be lit by none other than Nia Jax.  As the story goes, Mickie will reveal that her eyes were opened after Nia recently posted bikini selfies on social media.  Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll see Mickie give Nia the eye after their matches as Jax tries to figure out what is going on.  Eventually we will see Mickie get back to her old ways as she will look in on Nia naked in the shower and eventually reveal she’s her latest crush.

Nia Jax Bikini

The big twist this time around is that during their big payoff match, Mickie will go to repeat her infamous crotch grab and Nia will actually like it.  From there, the two will reveal that they are WWE’s first lesbian couple and they will fulfill the company’s statement that they planned on incorporating gay and lesbian angles in WWE programming.  As for realism (the fact that Mickie is married with a child in real life,) WWE doesn’t care because nothing matters in the world outside of the WWE Universe!


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