Spoilers: Randy Orton’s Sperm Snake to Battle Bray Wyatt’s Projector Bugs at Payback

Speculation continues to run rampant as what exactly this “House of Horrors” match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt that is taking place at Payback will be.  Certainly it won’t be the return of WCW’s match from 1991 with a similar name, but WWE is aiming at making the same sort of impact with the digital showdown that we have learned will take place.

Going into WrestleMania 33, Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt may have had the best story and build over any other match on the card; months worth of Orton feuding with Wyatt, then joining the Wyatt family only to turn on Bray right at the right impactful moment, not to mention Wyatt winning his first WWE Championship in the middle of it all.

Randy Orton Strike

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Then came the actual match – but before that even happened, we got a giant Randy Orton sperm snake…you read that right, a digital snake that looked like a sperm chasing Randy Orton to the ring at the biggest show of the year.  Even Orton himself said in interviews that he didn’t like the entrance and the thing looked like a sperm; if you don’t believe us, judge for yourself:

So if the “Sperm Viper” wasn’t enough, when the actual match started, Bray Wyatt had his own digital comeback in mind.  As we all saw, Bray Wyatt magically enacted a seventh grade science class projector and suddenly we had….bugs.  Yes, bugs on the ring mat, a “mind game” as the commentators tried to play it off.   So during a WWE Championship match at a WrestleMania, we saw this:

So what did it all mean? Well nothing, until now! We’ve learned through our top-secret sources that only exist in our heads that both the “Sperm Viper” snake AND the projector bugs are set to return at Payback and will actually do battle!

Of course a WrestleMania match with bugs and snakes has to have a rematch, but it seems that WWE sent Bray Wyatt to RAW before they remembered that he actually had a title rematch for Smackdown’s main title already booked, so they were stuck having to still have the match and somehow have it all make sense.

There first move was to make it a non-title match (because all fans love those) and make this match more about mind games.  No one knows how the “House of Horrors” match is, but it appears that in order to keep both Wyatt and Orton strong on their respective brands, the finish will involve a digital battle between snake and bug.  Wyatt is set to unleash his evil projector once again, only this time Orton will answer with his digi-snake, and the winner of that battle will determine the winner.

WWE’s thought process is that the winner will prove he has the better digital warfare capabilities and will retain the use of them for matches in the future.  Will the snake eat the bugs? Will the bugs sheer numbers overpower the snake?  Only the WWE digital media team knows the answer, but we will all get to witness the epic digital battle LIVE this Sunday at Payback!

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