WWE Has a New PPV Called “Great Balls of Fire” – We’re Not KFabn

WWE Great Balls of Fire

First we had John Cena and Nikki Bella getting naked for fart jokes (thus doing our job for us) now WWE is doing the same by announcing a new PPV that will be titled “Great Balls of Fire” – yes, that is the actual name, no joke.

We pride ourselves on coming up with some of the best WWE satire based on current happenings in the wrestling world, but this one truly does write itself.  Instead of the actual wrestling-sounding name “Bad Blood,” WWE has opted to rename its July PPV in Dallas “Great Balls of Fire” for reasons unknown to anyone.

So will this show feature balls of fire shooting out from the stage and ring? Will it represent that July is hot as hell? Or will it just be another WWE PPV like the rest – we’re thinking the latter will be the case.  Maybe WWE will use the famous song by Jerry Lee Lewis for the theme? Of course that would involve a cost, so probably not, but that might make the event seem semi-cooler.

Now if we were really making this story up, we might say that WWE is going to let Brock Lesnar sit at home for 3 months without having to defend the Universal Title until this event, but that’s actually exactly what is happening.  In the promo video for the event, WWE is pushing Brock Lesnar’s very first defense of the Universal Title, so we’re probably looking at Brock just beating someone which they sell as a special thing.  Anyone who is a fan of old school wrestling knows that the old “mandatory title defense every 30 days” rule is out the window.

Still don’t believe us?  We don’t blame you, but below is the video hyping the event and promoting Brock Lesnar’s title defense like its something you might only see once every 6 months……well:

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