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When Roman Reigns is with The Shield, He Doesn’t Suck – We’re Not KFabn

For the past few years, WWE has made it known in every way possible that Roman

WWE Has a New PPV Called “Great Balls of Fire” – We’re Not KFabn

First we had John Cena and Nikki Bella getting naked for fart jokes (thus doing our job

Shinsuke Nakamura to be Repackaged as an Actual Artist

As you may have noticed recently on Smackdown Live, Shinsuke Nakamura has suddenly been referred to as

WWE Announces Written Wellness Policy Test for Part-Time Performers

WWE took a big step toward showing that they treat all talents equally by announcing that part-time

Jinder Mahal Gets Main Event Push Because Vince McMahon Likes His Veins

If you are one of the many wrestling fans that were left wondering how Jinder Mahal

Mickie James to Reprise Lesbian Character with Nia Jax

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